Project/Source Files required for version control?

Hi All,

I am new to QNX 6.3. Currently, I’m trying to archive a QNX (group) project to PVCS (source code version control). We have a hard time identifying a minimal set of files/directories necessary to open the workspace & build the whole project. These project files will be retrieved from PVCS & shared across the team members (plus their own customization).

Our project includes multiple make targets (binaries and shared libraries) and runtime targets. The trivial list includes:

  1. All .cc & .h for each make target project

  2. .cdtproject, .project, Makefile & for each make target project

  3. .project & .trgtproject for each run-time target

What else? When I tried to open a workspace directory with the file list above, none of the make targets or run-time targets are shown on the Navigator. Please advice.

Thank You.

Vincent (