ncurses for QNX 2?

Hi all,
I’m working on an ancient QNX-2 software, the customer said they need ‘user friendly’ GUI such as menu, mouse…
So, could ncurses be used on QNX-2? or any other better choice?

Kevin Kang

There is a native set of routines called term_*. My memory is failing and I can’t remember if ncurses was ported or not. If this is important enough, send me an email: and I will research it for you.

I’ve developped my own text based graphical library based on the ‘term_’ and 'video_’ functions provided by QNX 2. It supports menu, popup windows, list views, forms, etc … It’s quite old and I did not touch it for nearly 15 years
Send me an email: if you’re interrested.

Sorry email is :

And don’t forget Qnx Windows for Qnx2.

Thanks to all, the problem I meet now is that I couldn’t get the compiler, CI C86 and MAX.
I’ve got an earlier version C86 from a kind friend here, the version of dyna in it is 1.11, but the one shipped with the software to be modified is 3.40(maybe the latest?).
I don’t know the difference between them and if there’re some potential risks when building the source code with the earlier compiler.
And, I still haven’t got the MAX…
Computer Innovations is out of business now, what should I do?

If you’ve still got that earlier version of C86 that’ll run on MSDOS, I’d be more than happy to talk to you about that. I’d appreciate it if you would contact me asap. Thanks.