QNX under Parallels

Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad loading QNX on an iMac with Parallels? I’m not having a problem (yet), just curious.

That the PowerPC version right? You are the first one I heard that is doing that ( must be very slow no?)

As for the Intel version of Parallel I heard version that QNX was working on getting support for it. However vmware is now available for MAC OS X maybe the compatibility is improved?

No, the new Intel version. I haven’t done it yet, I’m just thinking about it.

From what I heard, QNX wasn’t working with Parallel, maybe SP3 solved that. But i would think VMWare looks a lot more promising. I read you can take a VM build on Windows, copy it on OSX and use that.

I tried to install QNX Neutrino 6.3 SP3 in Parallels under Windows and it didn’t boot.

Dan Cardamore posted a how-to on his blog for Parallels 3.0.

See: mediatype.ca/2008/01/03/qnx-632-on-parallels-30/