QNX4 Photon PCI-E (actual) supported graphics chipsets?

Please, are there some actual (PCI-E cards or integrated on actual MB - Socket LGA775 or AM2) graphics chipsets that work (and you tried them or saw to work) with QNX4.25G/Photon 1.13/1.14?

Thank you.

Most will work in VESA mode.

Some intel chipset will be supported (Pg.i8X0), NVIDIA integrated graphic are no go, you can have better luck with ATI but not with the latest AM2 chipset.

Thank you mario,

  1. how can I force unsupported chipset card to work in VESA mode? Running ph with empty /ect/config/trap causes hang (black screen) on most unsupported graphic chipsets.

  2. What is /etc/config/trap/crtsettings file for? Should I delete it too when trying to crttrap new graphics card?


look at /qnx4/graphics/trappers/crttrap.list
you can edit it and remove entries where you are sure, you dont need them.

For VESA-Mode the entry vesabios.trap should be the right choice.

Ati Radeon X300 PCI-E work with Pg.radeon

Thank you Basil. We are trying two PCI-E cards (ASUS and Sapphire) marked X300SE but no success. Maybe the problem is in difference between X300 and X300SE? Have you ever seen X300 working under QNX4/Photon?