QNX 4.25G supported actual Ethernet NIC chipsets

I know the QSS’s “QNX4 Supported HW” list, but try to buy such an old fashioned components…

Are there some actual NIC chipsets - integrated (mostly gigabits from Intel, Realtek, SMC, Marvell, …) or PCI or PCI-E supported under QNX 4.25G? I don’t need gigabit functionality, only to work as standard 10/100mbit Ethernet card.

Thank you.

Intel Pro series works fine ( even at 1Gig).

Thank you mario,

I’ve read about Intel PRO/1000 in this forum, but these cards are over too. The successor is: Intel 82541PI Gigabit Controller. Have you any information that this card works with Net.i82540 in QNX 4.25G?