rtl8139 NIC and QNX 6.0


I have installed QNX 6.0 on my PC so I can do some development for the 3com Audrey (runs QNX 6.0), and I can not get my rtl8139-based D-Link NIC to be recognized. It is the oldest NIC I have, and the documentation says it is supported, but I can not get it to detect:

“pci -v” reports it present
“nicinfo” can not open /dev/io-net/en0
“slay io-net;io-net -drtl -ptcpip” is unable to init dll devn-rtl: No such device

Under Linux and Windoze it is recognized and initialized, but no luck under QNX.

Does anyone know what I should try?



Hi russ,

I think the network drive is not installed/loaded - if installed, did you receive any error messages ?