Does anyone use IDE-4?


I hoped to be delivered from all IDE3 bugs but after installing IDE4 I was a bit disappointed!

Impossible to run or debug a program, application name is replaced by something strange, it does find the libs which belongs to other project, it doesn’t find my source files…

Did you experience such problems?


Has IDE4 been released?

Oh. Well I’m not using. I am using Eclipse 3.3M4 with CDT 4.0 beta, but I don’t have any of the QNX plug-in I’m only using Eclipse as a fancy editor for QNX4 project.

I would not have used IDE3 because it has too many bugs for my taste. Having been using CDT 3.1 way before IDE4 came out, I’m not sure I would use that either.

Plus IDE4 isn’t available self hosted, is that a sign of the death of self hosted development ;-) Not that I care much I do everything from Windows.

Hi Mario,

I don’t know if this is a sign of self hosted development death but if the problem comes from jvm, I hope they will take the opportunity to rewrite it or to switch to a powerfull one.


They switch from IBM J9 to another one ( name escapes me), I think they are running out of options… Maybe sun’s will go full Open Source one day ;-)

Mario, I assume you mean they have a new Java machine. If so, do you know if it supports Swing?

No it does not…


You wouldn’t happen to have an environment variabled named “NAME” would you? If so, the IDE4 installer should have warned you about it (but maybe you ignored it).


I find that if you create a project from existing source code (Standard Make), once the IDE is done scanning, you need to close the project and then reopen it for the files to show.