New supported graphic chipsets - how exactly make them work?

Using QNX4.25G with Photon v1.13 (because of 1.14s international font defects through Phindows), downloaded new graphic support packs.
Cannot make new supported graphic chipsets working although they should work - e.g. Radeon 9250 AGP, Radeon X300SE PCI-E.
Cttrap usually hangs on black screen.

QNX4/Photon guru’s, please, help. How exactly (which files place to which directories, what to configure and/or run) to make the newest supported graphic chipsets working?
Which is the best and fastest method to try some videocard whether it is supported or not?

Thank you very much.

We work here with 1.12. If 1.13 is not like 1.14, then it should be like 1.12

I guess you downloaded the Graphic-Pack with the time stamp 20051115.
This file places the drivers (Pg.*) to /qnx4/graphics/drivers/
All this files can be copied to /usr/photon1.13/bin/

The trappers in /qnx4/graphics/trappers/ takes place in /usr/photon1.13/bin/crt/ . Also the crttrap.list

I dont know if its better to use the old or the new crttrap.
I use
crttrap clear
crttrap -wtr trap (dont know exactly, what the wtr is for. Its just the way it was once told me ;-)

In the file /etc/config/trap/crt.#NODE only the uppermost entry is used.
Try to move different entries to the top, if the first on doesnt work properly.


Thank you thue. At meantime a colleague experimented and identified why our crttrap was hanging - we have not copied the new files correctly - some of them should “be” in more than one folder (colleague created some links).

We tried: Radeon X300SE 64bit (works), Radeon X550 128bit (works but first you need to add one new line to crttrap.list - according to Vendor ID and Product ID recognised by show_pci).