How to detect that a filesystem has been cleaned by chkfsys?

At the bootup of an embedded system, I check and repair the filesystem with chkfsys.

But I need to perform a specific action in case that the filesystem has been repaired, because the stored data could have been corrupted.


  • How could I know that chkfsys has repaired the filesystem ?
  • Is it a way to access to the filesystem “clean” flag ?
  • Is it a way to know check if a file has been corrupted, for example looking at the crc of the qnx file ?
  • Or should I implement my own crc ? (in another file or in a specific location).
  • Maybe interpreting the standard output of chkfsys ?



“- Maybe interpreting the standard output of chkfsys ?”

That’s what I would do.

Check to see if there is a return code from chkfsys that differs depending on its action. If there is none, request one politely from QSSL and use Mario’s idea in the mean time.