python and tkinter

Has anyone ever had any luck installing tkinter for python (GUI)?
I’ve tried a package from somewhere, but tkinter isn’t found, I’ve tried installing several times from different sources, but still the build of _tkinter doesn’t work…

Any ideas? I’ve managed to install Tk and Tcl successfully (I think).


don’t know where you got your packages.

If you got from, I believe cdm packaged those, and he should be able to give you some more hints.

If you got from sourceforge, I remember Armin’s tarball has tkinter support long time ago. Maybe you should check with him ( ) to see what you did wrong.

I don’t belive we have tcl/tk packages on QNX Online.

Tkinter is included in the Python distribution. You have only to install a correct Tcl/Tk package. There is one at → section Python2.0.

BTW … Tcl/Tk works only stable if it has been linked statically with Python, bcause of the fact that the shared version of Tcl/Tl works unstable with QNX6.2.x



Thanks - I tried the link and tried to install py 2.2.1 for qnx 6 - however, make runs into problems when it gets to _tkinter - _tkinter.c file not found…

Any suggestions?