"Truncating fid.." message when using ETFS(NAND)


I’m developing NAND flash driver using ETFS.

My development environment is,
Samsung s3c2410 arm cpu.
Samsung K9F5608U0B nand flash.
QNX 6.3.0 sp2

I downloaded tdk-efsys-1.1.0.
And I made “fs-etfs-nand” with reference to “fs-etfs-ram” src code example and ETFS.doc in TDK.

Using “fs-etfs-nand -C 0 -c 0 -m temp” command, I mounted the NAND flash to /img/1/temp directory.

And I copied serveral files to that directory.
In case of small file (under 500k bytes, I guess), it works good. But in case of bigger file(over 500k bytes, I guess), a problem happens.

First, copying data is succeed. But after reboot and mount, I can see “Truncating fid 0x7 from 500736 to 0 bytes” message and the size of that file become 0 bytes(using “ls” command).

And in case of biggest file in my test, (I copied big file to that directory using “cp” command) I can see
“cp : Can’t change file time (data copied) (temp/FILENAME…) : Input/Output error” message and then I cannot access the directory (“sh: cd: /img/1/temp - Input/output error” message is printed).

Do you know about these problems? How can I these problems?

Have a nice day.

Hi jhg798,

I’m new to ETFS. Do you mind sharing of how you build the “fs-etfs-nand”?
And where to start on getting the ETFS driver builds and runs?