QNX6 target installation without Photon?


Newbie question:
We are trying to put together the file system for our target system.
It should have a QNX6 without compiler/development and photon.

We thought with the amount of files it would be easier to copy the
/bin, /etc/, lib, /sbin, and /usr directories to the target tree and
remove all unwanted files.

Is there an easy way of identifiying which files can be deleted?
What do you guys usually do when creating target file systems?


P.S.: We assume, we don’t need to run fs-pkg on the target system, right?

You really should be going in the positive direction rather then the negative. Only add the files you KNOW you need rather then trying to delete the ones you are unsure of.

Hmm, that still leaves hundreds of files to check indvidually. :frowning:
I presume the best way is to go through /pkgs/ base/qnx and copy everything we need (should be most of it).

Hundreds? I strongly doubt you use hundreds. Check the build files for eqip on eqip.sf.net/. That is a fully working embedded PDA system based on QNX. Very straight forward.

Thank you, this looks like a good place to start. As soon as
sourceforge is back up again I’ll have a look.