Problem exexuting sample program

I have downloaded the QNX Momentics SP3 30-day Evaluation - Windows Host
and installed it on Windows 2000 SP4.
I have installed QNX Momentics IDE and QNX Neutrino Core 6.3A OS.

The RTOS is installed under the folder "C:\QNX630\install"

My queries are-
1) Do I need to install the QNX Neutrino Core 6.3A OS on a separate machine 
    and not in the above mentioned folder?
    (The "10 Steps To Your First QNX Program" guide lists that
    we need to install the IDE and OS on separate machines.)

2) I tried to install the core OS on  a separate machine... 
    but the CD which I have burnt from the downloaded ISO file is not bootable.
    What is the correct procedure to install the core OS ?

3) I tried to compile, build and execute the sample managed c++ code on windwos PC.
    compilation and building was successful.
    when I press RUN button -  I get a error Dialog like following.

    "Launching : Error ( Error Starting Process )"

    Please see attached image of error dialog
    What shall I do now to execute the program?
    Please provide me with some guidance.


The Core OS 6.3.2A isn’t a full Neutrino runtime system. You need to install QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 on the target machine. Once you’ve done that, you can also install the core OS.

I installed both of them, but i get same message once I want to run a project! What to do?

If you are expecting to be able to run a QNX6 application on a Window box, you need to do some serious reading. It’s not possible to run a QNX6 executable on windows itself. In order to run it you must provide a machine with QNX6 install on it. Then the IDE, when properly configured (you need to create a target definition), will upload the application onto the target. The IDE will then be able to lauch and debug it remotely.

Soory for total neewbie question, I’ve digged into books :slight_smile:. I’ve managed to clear that out :slight_smile:. Is it possible, however, to make dualboot configuration on same machine via LILO for example (Windows, QNX Neutrino)?

Yes it is possible to create a dual boot PC having Windows & QNX OS. You need to install Windows first and keep space available for QNX. later when you install QNX the boot loader of QNX will ask from which drive no you want to boot and you need to give the respective drive sequence number correctly to boot in Windows or QNX.
However I won’t suggest to create a dual boot PC for work. I created the same twice and file system corruption it crashed which made me to loose my important data in Windows drive.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions.

I have a CD with evaluation version of QNX Momentics SP3 30-day Evaluation - Windows Host.
I have installed it on my windows PC ( I call this as HOST machine)

I have got another PC and need to install QNX Nuetrino6.0 OS on it. ( I call this as TARGET machine )

Where can I find the evaluation version of QNX Nuetrino6.0 OS?
On QNX website…they are providing evaluation version of QNX Momentics only. They are claiming that QNX Nuetrino 6.0 runtime is included in QNX Momentics.
I tried booting from the momentics CD… but it is not bootable.

I have come to know about how to execute the QNX program on TARGET machine and run/debug it on HOST machine.

My doubt is… how to install the OS on the separate machine?
Please provide me with the steps that I should follow.

Contact your local distributor for an evaluation license key for Neutrino (Windows key won’t do) and for access to the download area where you can download the ISO image with Neutrino install CD. I think you can do it yourself by creating a myQNX account and register your evaluation copy. Try this Link:


For QNX OS based requirements contact your local distributor which can be found with the following link:
If you want to install QNX to a new PC process is really simple and much faster than Windows. Insert the QNX OS cd that you have got in your hand and start the system with CMOS setup indicating CD-ROM as the first boot device. It will ask if you want to install it or not. Select yes and go ahead with installation.
It is really a simple job to do as I have saw. If you have any issues during installation post it in the forum, I will look into it.

Thanks all for helping me out of the confusion.

Now I have a clear idea regarding QNX NUETRINO OS and QNX MOMENTICS DEVELOPMENT SUITE.

My understanding is -

  1. QNX momentics Development suite for Windows host - It is just an IDE for QNX project devlopment on Windows.
  2. A machine running QNX Nuetrino RTOS is needed for executing programs.
  3. The Neutrino x86 Host installation CD image can be downloaded from : … amid=14619
  4. When QNX Nuetrino is installed on x86 machine, along with RTOS, the installer automatically installs QNX Momentics development suite on it.

Now for project development we have two options-

  1. Connect the QNX Momentics Development suite installed on Windows machine to the QNX Nuetrino machine using network. Devlop the programs on Windows machine (HOST) and run it on QNX nuetrino machine (TARGET)
  2. Devlope the projects on QNX Nuetrino machine itself using QNX Momentics Development suite installed on the same machine. Here the HOST and TARGET machine is same.

Please let me know, if my understanding still needs to be corrected.


That’s mostly it. You could also dual boot a machine, or run VMware, if you wanted to use the Windows enviroment but only have one machine.

I would like to add few things over your understanding.

  1. QNX Momentics is an IDE that’s true. But as you have mentioned it is only for windows that’s not correct. it can be installed and used in a pure QNX PC as well.
  2. Machine with QNX is not a must for execution of programs. You can do the same in the windows PC also over which you have installed QNX. Even if you want one dedicated QNX PC as server and multiple windows PCs as remote client that is absolutely possible.
    You need to connect with your QNX PC from windows PC using telnet or try to locate this application : Start->Programs-> QNX momentics-> Phindows.
  3. cd is meant for 30 days and for pure evaluation. Finally you need to puchase a license from QNX.
  4. True.
    If you are going for a cross compilation then you can create a project in IDE or use a makefile and let it to to take care of cross compilation job.

Thanks Maschoen and Marc.

i want to ask something.
have another tools others than QNX momentics that i can use to develop my embded system?
i found qnx momentics are very heavy to run in windows and qnx neutrino platforms.

not like qnx 4.25 which i can easily compile my program.

I find the windows version to be reasonable given you have enough ram. As for the QNX neutrino platform it’s indeed slow.

You can do it all from a shell just like QNX 4.25. For editor you can use vi/vim/workspace/emacs and then manually build you makefile. However gcc is not as fast as Watcom but it’s not bad.

The trouble starts the moment you need PhAB ^^
it sure would work to run this all within a cygwin etc.,
but just stick to the IDE, makes it a lot easier.
And you can make your IDE plain as you like, just remove all widgets ^^

You don’t need PHAB. We never liked it and generate all our GUI’s dynamically in our own code.

As for compilers, gcc suck compared to Watcom, sure wish we still had the Watcom, even if only for x86 platforms. Still it’s like ditto (fantastic QNX4 utility) - gone the way of the dodo…

In general, all these fancy development tools are not required. The command line path still works and gives the developer complete control over their production environment

Sure you can still programm in vi, you can also use ed to create an .asm file
But at some point, PhAB or a full IDE just makes the work a lot easier.