QNX limit on SCSI Lun Number

I’m currently having problems seeing LUNs greater than 8.
What is the QNX Limit on SCSI Lun Number? Is it 8?

I’m not aware of any SCSI command where the LUN number field is more than 3 bits, see example:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCSI_Read_Capacity_Command. Are you talking about SCSI ID?
SCSI ID can be 0-7 or 0-15 depending on whether you are using narrow 8bit or wide 16bit bus SCSI.
Usually 7 is the host controller ID.

My setup is ADIC Si2000 Virtual Tape Library connected through Qlogic 23xx FC HBA. Virtual Tape Library goes up to LUN ID 255.

Let’s assume for a second that there are some standard enhanced SCSI commands that allow LUN’s to 255, for this type of device. Then clearly your problem is that the QNX provided drivers don’t support them. You should contact your rep directly and see about some driver support.

I see your point. Thanks!