Invoke screen saver

Hi Everyone!

Can anybody tell me how to invoke the screen saver immediately? I have managed to run the saver, but it won’t lock the screen.

Alternatively, is there an application which will do this?

Many thanks,

Good question. Last time I asked this question it was QNX 6.0 on market and I believe the answer is still the same: No way (by standard tools like existing shelf whith it’s plugins, of course). I wish I were wrong :slight_smile:

to jasonq:
You can activate the password option to lock the screen,but anyway there is no on-the-shelf tool to launch the screen saver immediately.


I don’t think that is much of a problem. U change the screen saver settings to 1 minute and leave the computer without touching after one minute :slight_smile: I am only suggesting this for fun :stuck_out_tongue: