QNX 4.25 and VIA Eden CPU Disk Corruption

We are running QNX 4.25 on a PC104 platform with an Intel 750Mhz processor quite successfully. When we moved to a VIA Eden 1Ghz processor we randomly find that the disk becomes corrupted and system files are over written. Any suggestions? (Besides sticking with Intel) Thanks!

Problem with hardware maybe. I don’t see how the type of CPU could create disk corruption. If it would be the CPU there would be other stuff then disk that would go nuts. Maybe it’s an chipset issue with IDE controler needing some special tweak that QNX isn’t doing.

This is interesting… We were (I’m no longer at the company) using two versions of hardware. Intel and a Via 667 platform. We occasionally had disk corruption with the Via’s. This was a new product and we thought we were seeing hardware problems so we returned them to the manufacurer. The strange thig was that the files being corrupted were always those belonging to a heavily written to database (Raima) so we also thought the operators must have been turning the units off instead of controlled shutdown. Testing on the bench revealed absolutely no issues. The problem only showed up in the field.

Perhaps Mario’s correct - there may be a chipset issue.

Hi jkkesler, can you tell us which Fsys drivers you are using, and what flags. Default 4.25 Fsys is set up in such a way that if you power down the disk you can get filesystem corruption. I recommend turning off caching in Fsys to solve this, but there are other effects of doing that (for example slow floppy disk handling).

try the following Fsys in your boot (dont forget to rebuild .boot)
Fsys -A -F -c 0 -d 0 -H disk80 -r 512

does it help?

qnx.com/developers/qnx4/qnx4 … ?code=9561