How to mount 'qnet' in a system call?

Does any body know, ho I can mount in a mount() system call?

I tried

mount ( “/lib/dll/”,NULL,0, “io-net”,NULL,0);

and also with some options, like

mount ("/lib/dll/",NULL,0,“io-net”, “host=myname”,-1);

but I always get an error: ‘Invalid argument’.

How does the ‘mount’-utility call mount()?

I just want to do something like:

mount -Tio-net -ohost=myname /lib/dll/

Any ideas?



ret = mount( device, “/”, _MFLAG_OCB, “io-net”, options, -1 );

Where device is the shared library you are trying to mount. You can see working code that uses this in the eqip/services/eqip-expack/pcmcica.c file on

Works great, thanks!

I’ll recommend QSSL, to put an example into their docs …

hahaha…yeah. I will make sure we put something in if it doesn’t show up.

At least I got a positive answer on my suggestion … I’ll take that as a good sign :slight_smile: