Windows Momentics vs. Self Hosted Development

I was wondering how most users are developing complex QNX 6/Photon real-time applications.

Are you using Momentics under windows or QNX?

If Momentics on QNX are you using Phindows?

The issues for me are IDE stability, CVS implementation, high resolution graphics (Windows drivers vs. QNX drivers). I assume these issues are the same for everyone and wanted to get advice on what works best for you.



Hi, we actually run the IDE on Windows. Nevertheless we still have the whole Install without the IDE on Target too, so you can compile in command line.
The IDE was too slow on the target, far too slow, but its nice on Windows. Remote Debugging and similar works from windows as it would be selfhosted.
When working with PhAB you may encounter some waiting times, but its not really disturbing. You can still phindowing into your target, whis has just a
small delay on 100mBit network. Our windows machine isn´t the fastest too ^^

target <1Ghz (500-800Khz)
host(windows) 1.2 Ghz, but keep 1GB Ram, woul be bit laggy otherwise ^^

I’m not 100% sure but it seems the IDE will perform a little faster it you upgrade its JRE to Sun’s JRE 1.6.

Small delay with phindows? It’s actually much faster then the VGA driver ;-)