Audio breaks up in QNX while playing MP3s

I’ve had this problem for quite a while now, and I’m just wondering how I can get around it. Every time I run any other programs while I’m listening to MP3’s, the audio gets crackly whenever the screen is updated (for example: scrolling on webpages) and sometimes stays crackly until I stop the audio and restart it again. It does this no matter if I use phplay or the command line mpg123 program. I have a SoundBlaster 16 PCI, so I’m using the audiopci driver for io-audio. I don’t have any problems like this when I’m in Win2K (I mean, sometimes I have about 35 web browser windows open in windows and my music hardly ever breaks up). Any help would be appreciated.

Couple of things to try…

o Get phmad ( and see if it works any better. It uses a FIFO sched, priority 15 thread that should keep things moving.

if that doesn’t work…

o Increase the prioirty of io-audio…

slay -f io-audio
on -p20 io-audio -d audiopci

…and see if that makes things work better.

You don’t happen to be running your video hardware in VESA mode?

Nope, I’m running devg-banshee on a Voodoo5. I was wondering about that too, since it seemed that maybe the drawing operations weren’t being accelerated or something.

I’ve also noticed that the left/right channels in the mixer are reversed from normal.

Try add some code below in libmad


  • NAME: decoder->run()
  • DESCRIPTION: run the decoder thread either synchronously or asynchronously
    int mad_decoder_run(struct mad_decoder *decoder, enum mad_decoder_mode mode)

setprio(getpid(), 33);

I would now recommend you get killerAudio -