No Sound

everything works fine in QNX 6, but sound doesn’t work. I’ve a SIS 720/962 onboard card.

Greetings Hanman

It’s entirely possible this card is not supported, if you’ve got a free PCI slot though, you should be able to get a dirt cheap card which will work great, I would expect a plain ol’ SoundBlaster would be good.

You can visit the to ensure whether your audio card is compatible!

Ok thnaks you for the tips!
I think I’ll buy another soundcard for some Euros!

But I’ve another Question:
How can I compile programs with the terminal? Are there some good tuts?

Greetings Hanman

edit : I’ve another problem. I wanted unpack a tar.gz file. I typed in the terminal gzip -d filename.tar.gz but gzip only said that the file isn’t in gzip format…

I think you should be able to get one for 10 euros easy, but make sure it’s listed on or you have heard it works elsewhere.

Programming on the terminal is much the same as UNIX, you can get GCC, works fine. Basically write a ‘Hello World’ in C, and type on the terminal ‘gcc helloworld.c -o hello’ for an executable called ‘hello’.

If you want to do graphical stuff, then read up on PhAb, in my limited experience of it, it’s thoroughly excellent.

To unpack a .gz file, you could try ‘gunzip filename.tar.gz’. If that does not work, type on the terminal ‘file filename.tar.gz’ and it should guess what type of file it is.



.tar.gz or .tgz is a compressed archive file. You can either issue
tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz
gunzip filename.tar.gz
tar -xvf filename.tar

Thanks, but I have just typed file filename.tar.gz and it says that the file is a GNU tar archiv. I can’t unpack the file neither with gunzip filename nor with tar filename

But I’ve 2 new problems (sorry…) :
I just installed Opera but when I’m trying to open it alwas Voyager pops up.
After that I installed Mozilla, but there isn’t an executable file. What can I do?

Greetings Hanman

P.S. I’m sorry for my broken english, but I’m still learning…

QNX is famous for it’s Send/Receive/Reply client server architecture. The Opera component you downloaded is a server component that renders HTML and serves it to the voyager client component. You’ll notice that voyager client using the Opera server has better HTML rendering that voyager using it’s own server.

The mozilla port has both a client and server component. That is you can point voyager or any other html photon application at the mozilla server. However, the same mozilla client you see on Windows or Linux is also ported to Photon. It should be in /usr/photon/bin/mozilla.

Hope this helps…

some download software may have gunzip’ed it on the fly during downloading. Your “file filename.tar.gz” result seems to indicate this is the case. why don’t you try:
mv filename.tar.gz filename.tar
tar xvf filename.tar