how to let hogs run only once,don't update every 3 seconds.

I want to let hogs run only once, just to see the current state , don’t want to see it update every 3 seconds. I have looked the options about hogs, but have no idea. Thanks!

Not possible, but you could write a script

hogs &
sleep 3
slay hogs

I want to print the percent of cpu for idle process in my c program.

  1. if pclose(ptr) is used (this means I just want hogs run only once). the program can’t print the message I want, just print the message about the broken pipe. (if use fd , the program run correctly. I know this problem occurs because hogs update message every 3 seconds . but I just want to print message only once.)

  2. if pclose(ptr) isn’t used (this means print the message all the time ) , the program can’t print the message immediately. I have tried fflush(stdout) and setvbuf为_IONBF,but still can’t solve it .

I don’t know how to slove this two programs. Thanks.

char *cmd = “hogs | awk ‘{if($1==1)print$4}’”;
// char *cmd = “hogs | awk ‘{print$4}’”;
char buf [10];
FILE *ptr;
short idlecpu;
if ((ptr = popen(cmd, “r”)) != NULL)
if(fgets(buf,10, ptr) != NULL)
if(fgets(buf,10, ptr) != NULL)
printf(“idlecpu=%d \n”,idlecpu);
printf("%s ",buf);