Un-zap files in QNX2

I’ve managed to zap the /user directory on my QNX2 machine. The drive has not been written to since the zap. Any ideas how to recover the directory?

Do you have one of the old Qnx2 OS manuals? There was a section in the back about recovering deleted files. You could try that procedure. I think it used the ‘spatch’ utility to directly access/edit the hard disk. Be careful if you use it. I’m not where my books are, so I can’t check at this time.

There are utilities that can fix this. I think the most relevant one was relink_dir or something similar. To use this, you search for the name of a file in the user directory, and that gets you the sector number. Then you can using the relink program. If relink is successful, and you get all your files back, you still need to run chkfsys to fix up the bitmap.

who can send me qnx 2.2 install disk?

who can send me qnx 2.2 install disk?,my Emil:cxmzcm@yahoo.com.cn

You should still be able to get these from QNX under the right circumstances.