Start make tool from a service


I’m trying to use MS Team Foundation Build to start a Momentics build. For this I transformed the .cdtproject and the .project files to an msbuild my.proj file and would like to start the make via exec command.

The scenario is that a service running as an user account start cmd.exe and call make on a makefile.

In the my.proj file looks it like this:

This is doing nothing else than:
cmd.exe make -k EXTRA_SUFFIXES=cpp clean all --file=D:_xi\P200701.1xi_Scan\Automatic\BuildType…\Sources\Code__RootContainer/…/lib/lib__container/…/qnx/Makefile

and fails with the following error message.
D:_xi\P200701.1xi_Scan\Automatic\BuildType…\Sources\Code__RootContainer/…/lib/lib__container/…/qnx/Makefile:8: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target'. make: Failed to remake makefile’.
make: *** No rule to make target clean'. make: *** No rule to make target all’.

If I start this directly by the cmd-shell it works. I can start msbuild.exe my.proj or I can type it into the cmd shell. It ony doesn’t work if the TeamServerBuild service invoke the msbuild.

I checked that the path variable is available and the env.var like QNX_HOST are available too.

Thank you for any help.