No Network with QNX. Please help me!

Hello i’m a italian student and i must install QNX for a university project.
I have a lot of problet to configure network driver. The OS (QNX) doesn’t find the network board and i unable to configure it.
I have a mother board asus P4R800-VM and the network board is integreated and is a 3COM.
How can I configure my QNX? My release is 6.2.1.
Please help me.

hello !
I am quoting the following lines from the link : … light=3com

If ‘ifconfig -a’ doesn’t show the card then you need to do 2 things:

  1. Go to the QNX website and make sure your card is on the supported list of ethernet cards … index.html

  1. Assuming your card is on that list, then you’ll need to slay io-net and then manually start it with the correct driver. For more help look in the helpview under io-net.

Normally io-net is started with the generic command of:

io-net -ptcpip

But you might need to do something like

io-net -dne2000 -ptcpip (note this is an example, not the driver you need)

There are a host of further options for specifying PCI slot etc if that still doesn’t work

Apart from that, I found this forum very helpful when I browsed it for the poosibilities of starting io-net manually. There is a search function on top of the forum pages. Took me quite a time to get some old-fashioned NICs working, but I had to discard two out of ten - never worked. So the chances are in your favour, I guess.

Good luck ! Helge

My guess is this network device is not supported.

Thanks you WhiteRabbits and Thanks you mario!!
I have change the computer with another computer. In the laboratorium there are 5-6 computer.
Now I have mount the “en0” device but are two days that i try configure the network to use internet.
I have read all “help” but my configuration don’t work correctly. The dialing start with pppoe and after
it search the “server”… without success!
my address are
i have configure network with this information…but don’t work…
i don’t understand!!! please if you have information write me!! QNX is more difficult for me.
thanks you all!!!

What are you connected to, strange that you need pppoe? And why would you need to “dial” if you are using ethernet ( I never used pppoe).

What do you see under /dev/io-net ?

i do this because connection is required i belief. the networks are not my bread ;-)
i have 3 “tab” in window “phlib”
in the first tab where there is en0 I write in ip: and under
in the second tab i select ethernet and device en0
in the third tab i write the gateway
the browser don’t find the DNS…
i have try with dialing and without dialing…
i have try to configure in a lot of other way but without success :frowning:
now are 18h that i try!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

What kind of network are you trying to connect to? Please give as much information as possible.

Please describe what you see in the directory /dev/io-net.

The browser cannot find the DNS, you have to specify the DNS yourself (or have a dhcp server provide it automaticaly)

When you say without success, what are you trying to accomplish. Usually you’d start by the basic and try to ping the gateway.

unfortunately i don’t have now the pc. now i’m at home. tomorrow morning i look into /dev/io-net. thank you for you time!! really!!! i hope that the network work tomorrow with your help!!! thakyou very much!!!

ok! now i see /dev/io-net
in this there are six file

I have tried to open it but with “vi” they don’t open and are not executable.

Just noticed you said 6.2.1 (with the latest 6.3.0 ipv6 is not part of the default package).

I’m sorry but you only answer half of the question I ask in an attempt to get more information to try to understand what is going on, so I’m not enjoying this. Plus it’s been years since I played with 6.2.1, sorry can’t help you.

as for me it is only 6 months ago that i switched to v6.3.0, so i might be able to remember some things about v6.2.1 dimly.

ok, now here are my questions :

  • are you trying to connect to the internet or to a second computer (such as a small home network) ?
  • what is your connection a? modem, crossover cable or router/switch between the two computers ?
  • in case you’re using a modem : did you check it first with dialling a standard phone number, such as your cellphone for example ?
  • in case you’re using a modem and you’re trying to connect to the internet : who is you ISP ?
  • in case you’re using a modem and you’re trying to connect to a second computer : can you dial into this second computer with a third one (driven by an os you’re familiar with) ?

regards HELGE