Establish IP address for QNX on Virtual PC, running on XP

I’m totally new to QNX and Unix related OSes.
I installed Virtual PC on my XP, and installed QNX inside the Virtual PC.
I have a software that I want to use the QNX for, which uses the QNX as a server.
In the installation, it asks for the QNX IP address, and I did not succeed in giving it the right answer yet.

I even installed the ‘loopback adapter’, and know how to assign it static IP address. I do not know how to ping the QNX to see if it recognizes the adapter also (It does show on the Virtual PC console), and make it so the bi-directional communication is established between the XP side of the software and the QNX.

Can somebody help?

Let me see if I’ve got this right. You want to establish a TCP/IP connection between XP and QNX, both running on the same hardware, but QNX is running inside a Virtual PC. Let me assume that there is no problem on the XP side, as I wouldn’t know how to help with that anyway.

So QNX would have to see some virtual hardware, and run the proper driver for it. Does Virtual PC provide this virtual hardware, and is it for NIC supported by QNX? If so, then the IP address you will need to provide, is the one that you assign inside of QNX using the network configuration utility. That is assuming you aren’t using DHCP, in which case there isn’t a way to know it beforehand.

The easiest is to use bridge network and have the two machines use a FIX ip address. However the trick is that you need to have to be physically connected to a network (sounds strange I know but that is my observation).

Thanks guys,
I will, with you permission ask of you some more assistance:
‘maschoen’: On the XP side, I added a ‘network adapter’ - which is vrtual, AKA ‘Microsoft loopback adapter’.
The Virtual PC recognizes it. What I need to know is the exact script to write in the QNX
(maybe inside the ‘etc’ folder) to try and check its activity and identification from the QNX
side. The second thing I’m looking for is the script for editing the static IP address (and
submask & gateway) that I will assign to both the QNX side and the XP side.
‘mario’ : Thanks for the advice. Now do you know what type of bridge (virtual/hardware address, and I
need it to not interfere with my regular communications while running), and is there such a
creature that I can add, XP side, just through the ‘Add new hardware’ procedure.
PS -I don’t understand the benefits of using such a bridge over using the loopback adapter.

PS -attached please find a PrtScn of my QNX as it is now.

Just realized you are using Virtual PC, sorry I’m a VMWare user don’t know about Virtual PC.

I don’t really know much about either Virtual PC nor VMWare, but I don’t know how a loopback interface would help. It would just loop the data back to the OS taht sent it right? I think logically you need to Virtual network adapters that are connected (Virtually of course). The problem is the same as I stated previously, does QNX support one of these? You might be able to write a driver with the Networking Interface Kit if one doesn’t already exist. Short of this, Mario’s idea probably would work. Put two NIC cards in the machine, and assign one to each OS. Sounds silly but it might get you there.

As far as configuration under QNX, there’s a GUI utility to set up a fixed IP.

Thank guys,
It seems, to my great despair, that I have to go into real programming instead of remaining an ignorant user.

I didn’t say anything about having two network cards. I’m saying that with VMware, you need ONE network device that must be connected to a network. Otherwise both OSes will assume the cable is “unplugged”. That’s when selecting bridge networking where both OSes share the same card.

hi nkinrot

did you managed to solve your problem? I am having quite same problem here. I have QNX 4.25 running in Microsoft Virtual PC and it has IP add (defautl router IP add) and would like to change to a fix IP add. But I dont know how I could do it.

I have a loopback network adaptor created in my XP machine and this loopback has and subnetmask (same as the QNX subnetmask).

I could ping the QNX machine (in virtual PC) and QNX machine could also ping the XP machine. But (QNX machine is to absurb), because it will crash with my company’s router. That is why I need another IP add

Anyone has any idea how to change the IP?