pppd and Windows


I’m trying to establish a PPP connection, using pppd, with a windows machine acting as the server over an RS-232 serial link. On the windows side, I can see LCP packets (configure-request) but I don’t see any replies and eventually pppd gives up. I’m just curious if any one has done this seemingly simple task before. If so, I need enlightenment. I have been able to connect two windows machines, no problem; I can even see the PPP packets with a network sniffer. But when the QNX machine tries, I get nothing :frowning:.

I’m running QNX version 6.3.2a service pack 3 on a VMI 7807 (x86) board.

can i see your code/script that does the initial part?? i am having trouble even getting started…
could you post your script so that i cud have a peek at it. thank you

See if this works.

Before QNX pppd started, (you can do this as pppd "connect " option) send windows a string CLIENT,
and wait for it response a string CLIENTSERVER.