Recent QNX Momentics 6.3 setup

I recently Downloaded the QNX/Momentics self hosted demo.

It is up and running with a dual boot. Normal apps and networking are
in working order.

However, trying to build a test app with PhAB (App Builder) does not
work. It seems that the environment is not set up properly. The path
for many of the components (like approto) is not set - should be:

Also, there are not any available targets platforms to choose from.

It seems that my licence is in order, but momentics is not set up
properly. What should I check for, or - how do I re-install

Thanks and regards,

I actually have the same problem with windowshostet, also apporot bugs for me, on QNX4 it compiled wonderfull, on NTO it starts declaring the structures given in the prototype, instead of using the structures in the sourcefile itself ^^