Problems with X based apps on QNX

I’m having some problems with some X-Windows based applications such as:

The Gimp: Loads fine, but pictures are very blue in shade.
mplayer: Does not load with errors of:

unknown symbol: glXMakeCurrent
unknown symbol: glXChooseVisual

dillo: unknown symbol: socket
unknown symbol: inet_ntoa
unknown symbol: gethostbyname (and lots more)

MozillaFirebird works fine except the URL bar cannot be typed in (!?)

I have installed XPhoton, X11R6, and everything with ‘X’ in the name off the QNX repository, do I have to set up library paths or something? I’m guessing it’s not co-incidence that all these apps are X-based?

Thanks for any pointers, tips, etc.


What version of QNX are you using? mplayer doesn’t need X11 so the version you have is busted. :slight_smile:

From uname -a:

QNX qnx 6.2.1 2003/01/08-14:50:46est x86pc x86

Re: mplayer, is there a new version available somewhere?

But for the general X problems like with The GIMP, is there any config files I need to fiddle with?

Thanks for the help.


There is a glx lib for X (/usr/X11R6/lib or /opt/X11R6/lib) and one for photon (in /usr/lib). since mplayer is an photon app, make sure it finds the photon glx lib first (LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

this is weird, is this compile time error or runtime error? if compile time, make sure you link with -lsocket, if runtime, possibly you don’t have tcpip running?

Are you running real XFree86 or just XPhoton? MozillaFirebird has never been tested under XPhoton. It works well if you XFree86 (you can still run photon apps via phinx).

Thanks noc, the mplayer thing did the trick, seems I have installed lots of X stuff, and getting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the right order has mplayer working great.

The dillo stuff remains unchanged, I’m sure I have TCP/IP running as all my SSH,FTP,web,mail etc. works fine. The errors include a load of stuff like:

unknown symbol: XSendEvent
unknown symbol: XFontsOfFontSet
unknown symbol: XListFonts
unknown symbol: XGetWMNormalHints

So I think it’s still X-based. It’s all runtime error, I got a binary.

I had never heard of phinx before you mentioned it, but I’m very happy using Photon as-is, and X apps are a bit of a necessary evil to me, so I’l give it a miss!

Thanks a lot for the help, mplayer was the biggie, and now it works!



Make sure you are using the native Photon UI driver for mplayer - it will be much faster and smoother then via XPhoton.