VIA VT8237 Audio

Is there any drivers for VIA VT8237 AC97?

I only see that there is 8233, and I tired this, the mixer comes up showing as working, but I can’t play mp3 audio with the player.


Ok wait scratch this, it says 8233 when I run “pci”

Hmm I can’t seem to get my sound going after I install the VIA driver, and I run these commands:

io-audio -d via686 &

mount -Tio-audio /lib/dll/ &

Any reason why it’s not going after installing the driver and running these commands?

Actually I ran the last command like this and it came back at the prompt showing like it took it:

#mount - t io-audio /lib/dll/ &
[2] 725033
[1] - Done io-audio -d via686

Did this work?

So why no sound then?



Here’s a screenshot showing the mixer recognizing the driver, with info at the bottom of it:

AHHH it’s the QNXPlayer is all.

I just put a cd in the cdrom and clicked on the cdplayer in the menu, and what do you think happened?

LOL -----> SOUND :slight_smile:

Ok I need mp3 support/codecs for QNXPlayer, where can I download them?