QNX 6.3.0 SP3 Neutrino Host Install With XP Dual Boot

I just started to install QNX 6.3.0 SP3 Neutrino, but when I did the partitions, I noticed they changed it around a bit from how it reads the information compared to 6.3.0, now it just reads the FS numbers.

Ok so I take it all I need to do is pick the partition with 79 on it, and I won’t loose XP on the other partitions?

Yes I’d die if I loose my Windows installation if I picked the wrong partition, but I figure it would be the 79 one.

The thing that threw me was, that I have a C&D partition, and then QNX, so on 6.3.0 when I boot up the system, the bootloader loads XP on number 1, and QNX on number 3.

Well when I went to install 6.3.0SP3 it showed 79 as F1 (used) and F2 & F3 un-used, and I was just relating in my mind the top partition being show now as F1 like the C partition before, that’s number 1, so this kind of confused me to pick the top partition thinking it was XP, but then I thought how could it be, since it’s listed as 79.

All summed up, just pick 79, and I’m ok, no matter it shows as the top partition as F1, even though, I’m sure it’s not the first partition.

Sheesh weird that QNX did that.


Ok all done, thanks anyways. I see now it’s pretty fool proof :slight_smile: