R/W DVD on the QNX Host

I have a R/W DVD on the QNX machine
If I want use it to R/W DVD on the QNX .
How can the QNX drive the R/W DVD?
How can I put the data for the R/W DVD?

You can only use DVD-RAM media. It will be treated like a HD. It works fine under Neutrino.

thanx! your diea!
But I want to make a boot CD for startup my boot image.
Are there any idea?
Because the QNX campany’s boot CD can auto install QNX. so I have a idea!
I want to make a boot CD and auto install my boot image for my computer!
my computer’s HD is flash HD and it’s size is 2G
could that idea be to come true?

Make a CD image file in QNX, and copy it to some other machine with DVD writing capabilities.

You can build the cd image on QNX with mkfiso (thrid party tool, easy to find on the web, could be on the 3rd party CD)

I don’t know the “mkfiso” ! Is it a command or not?
I can’t find it in the IDE help and internet!
Please help me again!

It’s a command tool called mkisofs


I get tools and install normal!
but I can’t do the image.
where does the guide in the wed?

I can only guess whether this is the right response.
mkisofs is not included with QNX. You have to download it, and possibly compile it yourself.
If you run “mkisofs -h” I think it will describe its options.