NAND Flash Driver ... ETFS .. QNX 6

Hi all.
I write NAND flash driver using ETFS. :exclamation:

My development environment is,
OS: QNX 6.3.0 sp2
Flash: Samsung K9F1G08U0A NAND flash.
CPU:Atmel AT91RM9200 ARM CPU.

I have finished my work. Driver fully function. :slight_smile: But i have big problem with starting time. :frowning:
My NAND Flash driver takes 65sec to start.

My chip structure is:
1 page =512 byte + 16 spare area
1024 blocks x 64 page per block = 65536 pages

In the starting procedure devio_readtrans (read spare area) function called 65535 :exclamation: times!!!(65sec = 1000 times per sec)
devio_readtrans function called 65K times by etfs_main function and I can’t change this !!

What is mean? Is it no correct?? :question:
I think that start time more than 1 minute… is not good. :frowning:((
But I don’t understand what can I do. …

Do you know about these problems? :question:

Best regards

hi kane,

i want to specially contact with u. i m working on same processor as u have arm at91rm9200. i have a board based on this processor. i m trying to load image of QNX via u-boot. since u-boot will do the work of ipl. we are not combining ipl with the qnx image. i have made QNX’s image named image.raw in raw format. i have successfully loaded u-boot on this board. with u-boot i have downloaded image.raw to the ram of the board via tftp protocol. but when i execute the go 0x20101740 where my startup is it hangs. i have used binary startup (startup-integrator) in this image. since i have used startup of integrator board, is it now working? can u help or suggest me any idea how to recover this problem? should i have to make my own startup for my board? can i build my own startup using the code of the integrator’s startup?

hoping for reply.

thank u in advance.
ulhas palkar.

hi ulhas palkar.

i solved my problem, i found special command to read “spare area” 0x50 :slight_smile:))

but i`m afraid i can’t help you with your problem :frowning:((
i am very sorry , i can’t suggest you anything. :frowning:((

Best regards Kane.


I study on Arm9 based sbc and there is a nandflash driver directory in its bsp.And according to te articles about adding the flash driver to the platform builder project, all settings seem to be done.But after building the project and installing it to the sbc, unfortunately, there isn’t any volume for nandflash.

In fact, when we install the image which is in sbc’s cd,we can see a volume for nandflash, and it’s persistent.But it is not necessary for us to build a new image because of the language problem.

And may be it is necessary to say that we use supervivi for partioning first.Then trasmit eboot(it is available in cd) and the nk.bin.

Thanks in advance!

P.S:In Nanflash driver cd, there is FMD and BuildExe directories And according to my searches, I learn FMD is our driver,isn’t it?But then, what is BuildExe for?

And there is a “target” directory in cd where flashdrv.dll in.

Or can you say how you built your own driver?

Can anyone share or shed a light on where to start on the EFTS for NAND flash driver?