Advanced Graphics TDK

Where will get Advanced Graphics TDK sample programs. Will I get the same if I download QNX Momentics 30-day Eval ? I’m not sure whether trail version contains GF library or not. Please let me know.


You must pay for that. You have to contact QNX sales maybe you can arrange to get an evaluation of the TDK.

The fact that you are asking these question on this forum instead of talking to QNX directly suggest that your budget is low. If it’s low then I would recommand forgetting about the TDK ;-) If it’s educational purpose, same deal, talk to QSS directly.

TDK are very expensive and the people that can afford these also can afford support plan, so you typically will not find these people in public forum like openqnx.

Thanks for your information. I’m going to get the license from client. Before that I would like to know how complicated to program on Advanced Graphics TDK compared to Photon. Please throw some light on this.
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Again you should talk to QSS to get info on the TDK I don’t think anyone here has ever used it?

I would estimate however that it’s not more complicated (required programming skilled) but I think it would be more time consuming since you have to do everything yourself. I beleive the TDK is about getting control and “by-passing” photon to give a more custom look.

Hi, QNX guy here. I co-designed/wrote the Advanced Graphics TDK so I can help :slight_smile:. You will have to buy the TDK or try and get an eval from a sales guy. It is not hard to program in. You have the option of using OpenGL ES 1.0 or you can use our GF API for 2D layer type operations. There are no widgets or anything it is a pure 2D/3D rendering API and also has image and font support. It ships with a lot of sample source to show you how to do things like: 2D render, 3D render, draw images, fonts, video capture and so on. It was designed to optimize rendering speed and minimize the memory footprint.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for this info. We will get in touch with QSS sales guy for EVAL version to start with. However, for our requirement, we need to have the windowing support over AGTDK and we are not sure whether there is any such windowing framework ( eg : Qt ) which can be used along with AGTDK. And also whether there is any licensing issues if we use frameworks like Qt.

Any information in this reqard would be of great help.

Thanks in advace


If you need windowing then you can use Photon for that. Is there a reason why you are looking for the AGTDK, OpenGL ES support maybe? Currently if you want windowing and widgets you need Photon and if you require a more low level interface you can use the AGTDK.


Considering Royalty involved with Photon our client has decided not to use Photon and go with AGTDK and some windowing framework like Qt to replace Photon. Any idea on using Qt in QNX ( especially with AGTDK ) ? Do we have to port Qt to QNX or it’s already available ? Also the effort invloved in using Qt with AGTDK.
I was looking in web for some pointers but not able to get concrete information. Any help here would be of great help.

As I said check the price of AGTDK before getting into technical issues, because it may end up being a lot more expensive then the royalty, unless they have very high volume. My guess (based on prices of other TDK I’ve seen) I would guess you need to go over 5000 units to make it worth it.

Yep you are correct, the TDK has a up front cost associated. As far as royalties goes, doesn’t QT have royalties also? QT AGTDK is not a product, it is just something people have ported before. The porting effort is not too bad.

Coming up with an own, way unsupported windowing solution just because Photon has royalties doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. I would go back to your QNX Sales Rep and re-negotiate the royalties. :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

Where can I get more info on this? Is there any other windowing framework that has been ported to AGTDK?


I would not think so, even if it would, the kind of people that use AGTDK would probably not make it freely available.

I have the advanced graphics library, but I do not have the examples.
I have been trying to use the video capture API, but it is really hard withou the examples.

The code snippets on the help page did not help me.
Does anyone know how can I get the example for video capture?

Thx a lot!