Changing Photon World View from a script

Is it possible to change the Photon World View from a script file?

I have a quick and dirty script that starts some processes as follows:

pterm -xX -yX &

This nicely creates 1 pterm per process so I can see debug output. But once I get more than a couple in a single World View Pane I can’t easily see everything going on.

I’d like to start 1 pterm per world view pane (and then switch between world views manually when I want to see a certain process’s output). Is this possible from a start script to emulate the CTRL-ALT-1, CTRL-ALT-2 etc keyboard commands in a script? Or can I pass something into the pwm task via the script to change the World View Pane?



Photon universe is 65535x65535. If you want to see something in the second pane and your resolution is 1280x1024 use pterm -x1280 -y0, in the fifth pane ( middle one) -x1280 -y1024. Get the idea?


I didn’t realize the world view was quite that big! I couldn’t find anything in the helpview that mentioned the size. I’m sure it’s there but it wasn’t in the pterm or basic photon doc’s I looked at.

The larger values to pterm work great.