Why "rm -Rf" delete my system directory?

I install QNX on CF card and I mount ONE harddisk to “/fs” diretory,then I save my data on harkdisk directory,just like /fs/data/20070430,normally it’s good,but yesterday when I delete the directory by command “rm -Rf /fs/data/20070430”,the system give me a lots of warning in command window continually(rm /dev,rm /proc etc),then I found the directory on CF card lost and the system can’t start,it’s a puzzle why the qnx deletes the CF card files when I use “rm -RF /fs/data/20070430”,btw,I found I can’t delete the directory in pfm,the warning message is “corrupt file system”.please help me.

Did u may call: rm -Rf / fs/data/20070430

a space behind the / ?

No,there’s no space behind it,btw I can see some strange character under that directory.

Already saw this… Give ‘rm -rf’ a quick try.

btw,Can I restrict some directory that can’t be deleted?

Not if you are super-user.

What do you mean by “strange charachter”?
Generally you are allowed to delete anything as ID0 ^^
I red somewhere about a try to not make ID0 the last instance,
like Windoze-admin is non-system-rights. But i do not remember
if it was just an idea or they started working on it.