Hot Plug Device on the QNX

I have the USB Mass storage Device and USB Ethernet.
Because windows xp have Hot Plug function .
Does the QNX have Hot Plug function for the USB Mass storage Device and USB Ethernet ?

USB Mass Storage, i guess we can hotplug USB-Sticks and Drives, i did that already. Still if you “Hotplug” you will still need to do a manual mount or hit some script to do this.
I never used USB Ethernet, imho this is a step backwards, USB is nice, but you do not have to do everything within USB.

I know to do manual mount for USB-Sticks and Driver.
If I don’t do manual mount again , Can they auto mount on the QNX?

With 6.3 SP3 it appears QNX is auto-mounting the USB sticks when they are hotplugged.

I say this because I can insert my usb stick (DOS format) and it immediately becomes available as /fs/(a name I forget here).

This is handy because several non-QNX types need to plug usb sticks into our machines to copy data files.


I noticed the automounting done under 6.3 SP3 (with is exactly what I need too.
I would like to know what the command lines are to get this function to work in my build or sysinit file please.


Gosh. Here I go again answering my own posts.
Yes automount works in my build file. Excellent :slight_smile:
I patched and pasted some ideas I got from other posts when I did a search for “automount” (after I found the word automount was the pertinent term).