Matlab Compiler on QNX

I would like to use the Matlab Compiler on QNX if possible. This would allow me to test algoritms developed in Matlab on QNX before porting them to c++.

The Matlab compiler produces a header file showing the function signatures that exist in binary libraries provided by Mathworks. These binary libraries are compatible with Linux. Would these libraries still produce usable code for QNX? The tech I talked to at Mathworks was not sure and noted that Mathworks does not support QNX.

Has anyone here used the Matlab Compiler for QNX apps?
(I have read about others using Simulink code on QNX).

  • infrared

Linux libraries cannot be used on QNX6.

Source code generated by MathLab will compile on QNX6 (gcc). Done that a few years ago but the code was not depended on any library.

  • Mario

mr Mario,

We are using Intel board on which we have ported QNX,we need to generate simulink models for our application (e.g reading a temp sensor).This code once complied should run on the intel board.

My query is how to do it or what i thought is, do i need to generate model libaray for intel board(like device drivers),if yes then how

Amit negi

I always assumed Matlab does support QNX. Weird their guy says they don’t. Maybe ask a different guy. :slight_smile: Whatever they ship in binary form probably can easily be compiled for QNX aswell.