Porting Applications to 4.25Q

Currently i’m running my applictions in QNX 4.25
I’ve got to switch to 4.25Q

Here are my questions:
As i need to compile my application in 4.25Q i would like to know the difference between the current compiler & the compiler of 4.25Q
I heard that in QNX4.25Q the compiler would throw an exception if a warning is encountered; if i need to test my code with current compiler can i change the make file so that it would handle the -i options?

To the best of my knowledge, the last compiler released for QNX 4 was Watcom 10. Since Watcom itself dissappeared a number of years ago, there is no obvious way that there will be any official updates. The Watcom 11 compiler found its way into the the public arena, and I think Mario has a version that works on QNX 4. Could that be what you are talking about?

afaik won´t there be much differences. It should compile as it does before, at least it did with the previous version-changes ^^