Question on mounting drives


I am new to QNX. I have the following issue:

The machine I am working on has 3 drives:

  1. 512 MB Compact flash (Secondary master)
  2. 2GB Compact flash (Primary master)
  3. 80 GB Hard disk (Primary slave)

I wish to have the primary master mounted as hd0, primary slave mounted as hd1 and secondary master to be mounted as hd2 always irrespective of how many drives are connected.Say for example, if only the 512MB compact flash (Secondary master) is connected, then I want to mount it as hd2.

Now I have connected only the primary master(PM) and the secondary master(SM). Then I want to mount PM as hd0 and SM as hd2.
When I give the command
devb-eide blk naming=2 eide ioport=0x170,irq=15
it mounts the SM to dev/hd2 and dev/hd2t77
But when i give the command
devb-eide blk naming=0 eide ioport=0x3F6,irq=14
it does not mount the PM to dev/hd0.
Instead it creates an hd1 always irrespective of the “naming”

Please suggest what command is to be used to mount it as per the requirement.

First of all, they are not mounted to /dev/hdx or /dev/hdxtyy, this are just your devices.
You can specify the mountpoint by editing the .diskroot file on your partition on the specified harddrive
Mountpoints are for example: / or /myseconddrive or /home etc.

cat /myseconddrive/.diskroot

This makes your harddrive always gets mounted on /myseconddrive, even if it is PS or SM or SS …

Im a bit irritated your PM is shown as /dev/hd1, since PM is on my systems always /dev/hd0 (and the partitions are /dev/hd0t77 and /dev/hd0t78 for example)
So if you just want to have fixed mountpoints for your partitions, just do not care about what devicenames they show up,
they get mounted to your definition in .diskroot