How to start PHAB with eclipse at win32


when i create a photon application project with eclipse at win32, the PHAB opens by the way. But how can i start the PHAB if i just open a existing photon project.


Just mark your projekt (left klick on the name in C/C++ Projects), now the Button for opening PHAb is active (alternativly, instead of the button use: Projekt->Open Appbuilder, but also here, your project hast to be selected)


Could you please tell why can’t input chinese or japanese in Phab under win32? All chinese or jananese strings diplay in an unrecognized format. While in QNX host , chinese or japanese string can input in photon appbuilder, what’s the problem?
Thanks a lot!

I guess there are no CJK-locales installed, since in win32 this is just a Photon-Emulation.

Thanks a lot for micro’s help.
Really wish there’s some solution to this problem. In fact, photon app builder runs faster in win32 than in QNX host.
If copy all cjk locales package from QNX host to win32 , will it works? And could you please tell me the content of cjk locales? I’ve searched in google without any answer.
Thanks again!

You should contact QNX directly about this, I guess…

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll have a try.