XPhoton key events missing in 4.2 (QNX 6.2.1)


I installed QNX 6.2.1 NC and XFree 4.2 on my laptop recently.
I would like to run emacs, but I noticed that the key mapping
was not correct for my french keyboard.
Actually, the problem is not in Emacs, but in XPhoton.
I could rectify it with xmodmap for most keys, but some keys
do not produce any X event (checked with xev).
Unfortunately those dead keys are of paramount importance,
like / : $ etc… :cry:
I checked on all kind of newsgroups for this topic, but I can only see instructions to remap keys, nothing about dead keys…
Yet in Photo, the french keyboard works perfectly.
Has anyone an idea to bring these dead keys back to life? :question:

Thanks in advance for your help :stuck_out_tongue:

Frederic Bastenaire (fba@free.fr)

There were some discussions on the openqnx mailing list regarding this. you can browse the archive at
here is one example:

Thank you for your answer.
I knew about these discussions, I already downloaded Mr Liu’s
TGZ file, but the keys.samples file did not help me much:
it defines keys that are function of some kind of scan codes…
I have no idea of how to find the scan code of my dead keys…



PS: Mr Liu, Mr Aubert: are you there? Could you perhaps help me?

Per Garry Turcotte, architect from qnx.com (if you don’t know him, you probably know his baby: XPhoton, phinx, Phindows, etc):

you can use xkeycaps jwz.org/xkeycaps/ (qnx6 binaries can be found at openqnx sourceforge.net site) to create the xmodmap file (select keyboard, restore default map, write output). Then with the resulting xmodmap file, say, xmodmap.fr102

awk '/^keycode/ { print $2 " Pk_" $4 }' xmodmap.fr102 > tempfile.fr102

cpp -include /usr/include/photon/PkKeyDef.h -DPk_LATIN1 tempfile.fr102 | grep ^0x > sample.fr102

the tempfile is used so you could go through any names that didn’t match between X and Photon. Also, if the key is defined in /usr/photon/keyboard/yada.[inc|kdef] as

key 'X' {
  Syms 'Y'

ie. key ‘blah’ is used as the keycap in Photon instead of the first symbol… then just repeat the cpp line until all you get is hex…

see attached xmodmap.fr102 and sample.fr102 if you don’t to go through above steps, or if you want to verify with your own trial.

now that you have sample.fr102, you can start “XPhoton -keymap sample.fr102” and see how it works.

Great, thanks a lot, my dead keys are now back to life with your sample files.
I am not sure I got the concept behind the scan codes, but at least I can work.
I shall play a bit with all this to get a deeper understanding…

Thanks again,