Where is PhAB button on Photon IDE?

Why is the PhAB button (and other buttons like C, C++,…) doesn’t show up on IDE under Photon? I’ve just installed QNX 6.2.1B. Previously on 6.2.0 it worked…


Did you install 6.2.1B on top of 6.2.0? I had a problem once where all of the QNX-specific perspectives/projects weren’t available to me. The solution I found was to delete and re-create the workspace. Suddenly everything worked great again.

You mean that you go to File->New Project->QNX and there are not QNX PhAB project options listed?

I created a QNX Photon AppBuilder project. Initially the PhAB IDE opened automatically. But when I returned back to the project after closing the project and the IDE, I don’t know how to activate the PhAB IDE again because there’s no PhAB button on the IDE Window. The button is available on the IDE under Windows but not in the IDE under Photon.


I did a clean install of 6.2.1 then applied the B patch.