Does QNX support bluetooth


I have installed QNX 6.3 . I would like to know whether QNX supports bluetooth by default.
If not , should i install anything for supporting Bluetooth ?
Please help me .


No qnx does not support any bltth devices or stacks use search in forum to find thirdpart source code for bluetooth dev
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QNX does have bluetooth. I don’t think it’s public but they have version in-house made for some specific hardware.

If you have the budget contact QNX sales.

The company IBV in Germany has developed a bluetooth solution for QNX Neutrino. Also I heard that Clarinox has QNX Neutrino support for their Bluetooth solution.

Clarinox has a Bluetooth solution for QNX 6.3. The solution supports both UART and USB Bluetooth devices. You can use almost any Off-the-shelf USB dongles if your target supports OHCI or UHCI USB master. The supported profiles are GAP, SDAP, SPP, Handset/AudioGateway, HandsFree/HFAudioGateway. There is also limited support for AVDTP mp3 streaming and OBEX based profiles.

Regards, Gokhan Tanyeri

David Moore wrote a Bluetooth stack for QNX as mentioned in his resume

You can find the source code at

i have a problem with file transfer which u have a code of bluetooth stack. please let me get solution.