cp1252 - some characters could not be mapped

I started writing this post while i still was having trouble saving in the QDE-IDE of one file … i already thought it would be special chars from my language, but not it would be wrong exported chars by an old editor and wrong interpreted by the IDE. At least i took some time looking over the code and i soon resigned from this method. Next my idea was trying regex-search functions which made it a bit easier, but [\W|\S] or similar constructs did not find them, why ever …

Now if anybody else has such a problem, start up with this regex, this made me find it pretty fast :slight_smile: (and yes this can be damn sure easier to write but i just pinned it in part of serial progress ^^)


btw. the smiley part is: : |
Have Fun

So the problem here was that the IDE wasn’t loading your code into its editor?

The problem was, it loaded the code, but i couldn´t save anymore after changing :slight_smile:
(Until i found the wrong characters in the code, some squares as placeholder)