ftp problem

now I can log in using ftp and can download file,but I can’t put file on,which option I should change?

Write permission on the directory maybe?

how to check the Write permission on the directory and change it

there 's no answer when I put the file on,i can see the filename with 0 byte.

try passive mode transfer

sorry,i can understand “passive mode transfer”,how to do?

try the command passive or if you are using a UI-based browser, look in the preferences/options where to set passive file transfer mode

i try to use passive mode by type “ftp -p ip”,the result is same,there 's no reply no warning message when i put the file on(i have to ctrl+c to stop it),but i can log in and download file from it.help me!!!

Is there enough space on the target?
Is the directory rwx? (ls -lsa .)
Do you have Read-Access to your local file?

What directory are you trying to upload to with which user?

1.it has enough space
2.the directory is rwx
3.I have Read-access to my local file

I try to upload to “/root”,I have try another directory,the result is same

What user are you trying to upload with? Create a local user and use his logindata.
It works fine on all boxes i set up till now.

hello micro, xuyong!
how was the problem?
I have the same problem now, how did you get along with it, can you tell how?
thank you!
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What error are you getting when you try to upload a file?

The things to check are:

  1. The login account on ftp has write access to the directory you are trying to upload to.
  2. If you are over writing an existing file, be warned that ftp will fail if that existing file is open by another user/process OR if that file is an executable that is currently running.