Help~I need the network runtime error code for Net.i82540

Dear All,
Recently I download the latest Network Drivers Update for Qnx4.25 from Qnx Website, and this update include below:

/bin/Net.i82540 (NEW driver)
/etc/readme/technotes/Net.etheri82540 (NEW technote)

This Net.etheri82540 technote mentions The 8254X driver has reserved the network runtime error codes in the range 3900 → 3999 inclusive.

when I checked /etc/config/ file, it was just define the error codes from 0 to 2784, and I tried to find the new codes on the internet whole day but fail, where could I get the new error codes for 8254X, I hope someone can help me,and I will be really appreciatory. Thanks.

I don’t know but try netinfo, maybe it will tell you more about what is going on?

Thank you~~But I had tried netinfo and it still can not solve my problem :blush:

netinfo -a
-a Write all error code numbers and corresponding text to
standard output, including meanings of driver initialization
error numbers.

56:drycc56@mes:/MES/bin>netinfo -a | more
Net.arcnet Initialization Error Codes:

1 ARC unable to locate Net
2 ARC qnx_segment_arm() failed
3 ARC Send() to Net failed
4 ARC bad status after Send() to Net
5 ARC bad cmd line options

2780 tulip ( rx) verify_vid(): pkt rejected: dst_vid
2781 tulip ( rx) verify_vid(): pkt rejected: src_vid
2782 tulip ( rx) verify_vid(): pkt rejected: vid seq num
2783 tulip ( rx) verify_vid(): pkt rejected: pkt type
2784 tulip ( tx) initial dup vcat/vcatd → losing pkts