How can let QNX support Chinese(Big5) and Japanese

i use ftp upload file to qnx4.25 by chinese(big5)
but Japanese can’t see it normal and can’t download it
Japanese upload file by JP (utf-8) i also can’t see it normal sna can’t download it
anyone can help me how can let qnx support chinese & japanese

Are you talking about File Name? Or File Contents?

For “File Name”, there is a lot of catch, I would suggest just use the ascii characters.
For “File Contents”, as long as you made the file transfer “Binary” (type command “bin”
in ftp), it should be fine.

I aggree with xtang, with filenames is a long way to support CJK.
Within filecontents, as long as the application understands CJK everything
should be right. We wrote an Import function for our App on QNX4 supporting CJK
Files (Content can be CJK, not the names) and it works fine.

i try to upload file by ascii characters
but i upload chinese filename then japanese can’t see it normal
and can’t download it
please teach me ,i very want to solve this question

Do not use CJK in filenames.
Call the file something like myfile.cjk or similar
The content of the file can be Chinese/Japanese as long as you upload/download using binary mode