dhcp at boot - yes - but can't ping ANYTHING

Ok. Heres the deal. I have a broadcom nic card that is “supposed” to be supported under QNX 6. When I do a /usr/sbin/pci it shoes up as BCM5755 netXtreme card. Gives me the did and vid. I added that to a the line right above the set of commands that includes the mount command in the /etc/system/enum/devices/net file.

heres what happened. It’s showing up in the GUI now as en0. BUT I can’t get it to pull DHCP from there, or set a static address. Although if I manually go into /etc/net.cfg I can set it to dhcp, reboot the box, and when it reboots, it magicly has an IP address AND it pulls the domain name, and 2 dns server, and the gateway. BUT I still can’t ping anything. Infact when It does get an IP address from this so called DHCP when I try to ping something, it doesn’t just say “host is down” like when I have it set to manual, it just hangs for a good minute until it starts giving me the “host is down error”

I have no clue how it’s working at first then not. Am I missing something?
I’ll post any configs you’d like, but didn’t want to dirty the first post. Although it’s already longer than I had hopped :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you able to ping your own IP-Address? If not try reattaching the driver manually

Correct, I can’t ping the IP giving by DHCP but I can ping the loop back. Which As far as I’ve seen in the past, points to a driver issue. I"ll try it and check back in.