What happened to this site?

The look and feel has suddenly changed and IMHO, not for the better.

I used to be able to just go to openqnx.com and see all the latest posts on the left hand side without going to the Forums. That’s no longer possible and going to the Forums looks nothing like it did before.

Even posting and replying has all changed. I don’t suppose there is any chance it can go back to what it was?


Hi Tim,

The feature you mentioned is part of phpbbforum and unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since 10 years ago. Since it only supports phpbb 3.0.x that was EOL’ed 4 years ago, we’ve running something that hasn’t received any security patches for 4 years! I’ve been looking for an alternative, and discourse seems to be the best, and gives import scripts to keep our old posts and users.

Once you are on the forum page, you can click “Latest” on the top which will show the latest posts, or if you directly go to forums.openqnx.com, you will see “Latest” by default. We could make the “Forums” link to go directly to “Latest” listing, but that may not be friendly to a newbie who is looking for posting. For them, forum category list is something standard from our old forums.

Thanks. I was in the same place as Tim. Now that I found the “Latest” button I am happy again, :slight_smile:

Now that we’re on this subject, do Google searches that previously pointed to articles here still work. Maybe we will need for Google to recraw the site?

I think they don’t. I googled something last week and when I clicked on the result for this Forum it gave me a ‘not found’ error. So I suspect Google will need to recrawl the site (is that something that has to be requested).


I just submitted the re-crawl request for those 34k topics. It may take a week or two for it to complete.

I personally prefer the Discourse version of the forum.
It is so much easier to use.

  • All new topics at the same place (phpBB topic classification is impractical)
  • Syntax highlighting (markdown)
  • Embedded search (do not return a result per post but one per topic)

Thanks for migrating :wink: