Cannot phditto QNX machine

QNX Ver 6.5.0

I’ve been able to ditto my QNX server from remote. Out of the blue (well, not exactly, I may have modified something but I cannot remember), I can’t phditto this server anymore from outside.
From an inside terminal, I can telnet and ftp the server
I cannot phditto from there, but I can phditto 127.1.

The /etc/config/phrelay file looks good. What can I do ?

From your description this could be a firewall problem. I would kill and then run inetd on a terminal in debug mode if there is one and see if the connection is getting to inetd and faililng or not getting there at all.

I replaced the /etc/inetd.conf file (which I’m pretty sure I never played with) by a twin from a correctly working machine. That helped.